General Silicones Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

General Silicones Co., Ltd was established in 1970. GS is not only a major distributor
of silicone material, but also an active silicone products manufacturer with ISO 9001
, TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. With decades of experience in silicone field, GS
has the ability and capacity to provide a wide range of silicone products in automobile/ consumer/ electronic/ PC/ medical industries. We welcome your inquiries and are pleased to provide you our service.


General Silicones Co., Ltd. was founded at Taipei, Taiwan.

Grand opening of GS Hsinchu Plant I, manufacturing varieties of silicone keypads.
Taiwan exclusive distributor carrying GE Silicones products.

Establishment of General Silicones Group, Inc. at Los Angeles, California. (USA Branch Office & Warehouse).
Former President, Mr. J.L. Lin, was invited by GE and accompanied by Taiwan government officials and institute professors visiting GE Silicones Headquarters at Waterford, New York, USA for GE and GS joint venture memorandum.

GS and GE cooperated a series of major product seminar and promotions.

GS Taiwan Plant I was ISO9002 Certified.

Establishment of GS Dongguan Plant and General Silicones Electronics Co., Ltd.

1998: on line.

GS Taiwan Plant I upgraded to QS9000 certified with SGS.
Opening a Remote Control (RC) Business Division for the production of RC products and fine parts, and the brand name "GS Racing" was created.

Mr. Michael Lin succeeded the President and started revolutionary corporation reformation.
Grand opening of GS Taiwan Plant II.
GS Dongguan Plant was QS9000 certified.

Establishment of GS Europe Branch Office at Dijon, France.
Grand opening of GS Wujiang Plant and Wujiang General Silicones Co., Ltd. at Wujiang, China.
GS and GS Racing registered trademark in Taiwan, Japan, USA, and EU.

Wujiang plant was QS9000 certified by SGS.
GS headquarters moved to Hsinchu.

Establishment of Dongguan Holyjade Trading Co., Ltd. at Dongguan.
Inducted the enterprise resources plan (ERP) system.
GS Taiwan Plant was ISO/TS16949 certified (automobile industry quality authentication).

The RC Division was reorganized to Howlon Enterprise Co., Ltd. as GS's subsidiary company.
The Dongguan plant was ISO/TS16949 certified.

The Dongguan plant was ISO 14001 certified.

General Silicones Co., Ltd. Firstly completed procedures for classification as a public company.

Establishment of CS Plant.

General Silicones Co., Ltd. Initially completed procedures to obtain emergent stock Market Registration.(TPEx : 4730)

GS Taiwan Plant I was ISO 14001 certified on 2012-12-20.

Skyline International Co. Ltd (the subsidiary in Thailand) was founded by Howren Trading Co. Ltd, through direct investment with aim to expand the business of silicones raw materials.
Foshan Branch Office was established by Wujiang General Silicone Co. Ltd,.

General Silicone (VN) Co., Ltd was established in Vietnam.
Xiamen Branch Office was established by Dongguan Holytrend Trading Co., Ltd.
Ohyeah International Co. Ltd (the subsidiary in Vietnam) was founded by Howren Trading Co. Ltd., through direct investment with aim to expand the business of silicones raw materials in Vietnam market.

R&D Center successfully developed a new generation of composite film production technology, and obtained related patent (Compo-SiL® product).
To enhance employees' centripetal force,1,500 units of employee stock options were issued, with 1,000 shares/unit, in total of 1,500,000 shares of common stock.


General Silicone (GS) has accumulated more than 50 years of technical experience in silicone products manufacturing, and was ISO 9002 certified in 1999. GS was also QS 9000 certified in 2004 specially for products applied in automotive industry. GS upholds a high quality requirement to its products as well as establishes rigorous and complete quality control system. Silicone rubber products made by GS are compliant to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standard certifications.


Environmental Policy

General Silicones is committed to environmental protection and hard working on environment management system based on the
company mission of "Improving quality of life and creating a health clean environment to our next generation."
All members follow the environmental policy as below:
1.Effectively use of resources and reduce waste.
2.Comply with relevant legislation.
3.Continually improve performance of environment management.
4.Care all members' health and safety.
5.All members participate and serve society.
General Silicones hope all our business partners can participate and dedicate the efforts together to the environmental protection.


Help improve our life quality and leave the next generation a pollution-free environment.

Part of your life.