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Rubber Damper

Product Function:

Rubber damper is made to prevent the vibration, impact transmission or offering the cushioning effect of rubber products. There are 3 major
function: anti-vibration, shock absorption, and isolating the vibration.

Product Applications:

There are many type of applications that require a high level of stabilization. Applications like DVD, CD-ROM, wash machine, multimedia/navigation automotive units, motorized units, and precision machinery all have a need for this type of damper. Reduction, absorption, and isolation of vibration is key to the life of the unit.

Product Design:

- Material choice
In order to reduce, absorb, and isolate vibration, it is essential to use material that will help dissipate energy. The dissipation of energy is measured by Loss Factor (h). The higher the Loss Factor the better the dissipation of energy and thus the greater the reduction, absorption, and isolation of vibration. Below is a list of the different types of rubber and it's Loss Factor.

Loss Factor of Rubbers

Unit: h


Loss Factor

Styrene-Butadiene Rubbers (SBR)


Nature Rubbers (NR)


Chloroprene Rubbers (CR)


Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubbers (IIR)


Silicone Rubbers (MQ)


- Structure Design
With the CAE simulation software, we can simulate the vibration of dampers made of different materials listed above. As each unit and device is different, this simulation software helps us design the best damper for your units.

Single Damper Analysis

System Analysis

Different kinds of Damper:

  • Rubber damper


1) Silicone Rubber
2) IIR
CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, CD-ROM and so on. The application is to reduce the
vibration and make sure the data can be read normally from the disc.

  • Rubber grease damper


1) Silicone Rubber
2) IIR
3) Silicone Grease
Silicone grease is heavily used in interior automotive applications such as CD,
VCD, DVD, MP3, and harddrives.

  • Hybrid grease damper


1) PP
2) TPR
3) Silicone Grease
This kind of damper is specially designed for automotive application such as
CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, CD-ROM and hard drives. It is considered to be the
best damper to absorb shock & vibration.

The Benefits of GS Damper:

- Quality Assurance
With many years in the raw and manufacturing industry of rubber, GS has know-how and experience to make the very best
quality parts. We stand by our quality. Our tolerance of rubber hardness is +/-3 shore A for many rubber applications.

- Design Ability
With the help of CAE software, our engineers have a big advantage over our competition. We can analyze your design quickly
and accurately to reduce potential failure modes as well as optimize your design.

- Product Special Characteristics Testing
Dynamic stiffness, static stiffness & loss factor per the physical anti-vibration parameters defined by ASTM.

- Environmental Inspection
RoHS compliance: All products conform to RoHS regulation by EU as a basic standard of GS. Additional restriction of hazardous substance requirements by customer can be accepted after the review of GS.

- Total Solution for Vibration.