General Silicones Co., Ltd.
Silicone Keypad


- Environmentally friendly, Nontoxic
- Comfortable texture
- Available for bonding with plastic and metal
- Backlight effect
- Long lifetime


Personal Computer, Laptop, Remote Control, Mobile Phone, Multifunctional Phone, Multifunctional Office Machine, Wireless Phone,
Car Stereo, Dashboard, Global Positioning System, Calculator, Camera and Answering Machine.

Different kinds of keypad:

  • Keypad Switch (Contact Types)
    Carbon Pills Keypad
    Gold Pills Keypad
    Stainless Pills Keypad
    Carbon Ink Conductive Keypad
    Nonconductive Keypad
  • Push Button Keypad
    Silk Screen Keypad
    Paint/Laser Keypad with Backlight Effect
    Silicone and PU Protective Coating Keypad
    Epoxy Coating Keypad
  • Hybrid Keypad
    Rubber Keypad + Poly Domes
    Rubber Keypad + Metal Domes
    Rubber Keypad + FPC
    Rubber Keypad + Plastic Key Caps
    Plastic Membrane Switch

Key Shape Types:

Round Button
with Flat Top

Round Button
with Emboss Top

Round Button
with Recess Top

Slant Top

Top Coating:

Hard Top Epoxy Coating: