Medical Silicone Parts

Selecting a high-quality elastomer for medical and healthcare applications can be a very critical and challenging. A range of material properties and their processing must be evaluated carefully in order to meet the required performance, specification and budget. Also the choice of inferior material may result in loss of time, money and projects. Since 1960s, silicone rubber has been widely used in the medical industry for diverse applications. GS based silicone products comes with an added advantage along with the great silicone properties. The superior bio-compatible and sustainable properties make it fit for medical and healthcare industry.


Product applications:

GS is seeing very high demand for customized silicone medical parts: such as silicone scalpel mats, pin mats, tubing, breathing masks and bags, medical membrane keypads, medical mouse pads, electric knife parts, thrombus stopper thrombus blockers, nebulizer plugs, bacterial Petri plates, as well as other medical parts and O-rings.